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APS Materials – CerAnode Technologies

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APS Materials, Inc. was founded by four material science Engineers in the mid 1970’s. Now the company has 35 years of experience and offices around the world. They are a respected provider of thermal spray solutions. The company goal is to provide a complete resource for Thermal Spray technology to industry. Currently APS is experiencing a rapid expansion.

The company uses the arc-plasma spray method that involves using hot gas plasma to melt a particulate material and transfer it to a substrate. After this the material solidifies to become a durable coating. Plasma is generated by passing the gas between two electrodes. More details about cerAnode coatings are below.

  • Applying APS’ thermal spray coating to equipment processed in high-wear or corrosive environments is economical because you do not have to replace the equipment because of corrosion. The equipment that is treated or rebuilt by the APS process lasts longer.
  • Ceramic Coatings provide chemical, abrasion, erosion, and corrosion resistance. These coatings also augment thermal conductivity heat resistance to semiconductors.
  • You can apply metallic coatings on EMI/RFI shielding and heat sink carriers for a significantly lower cost than traditional methods of application. APS also uses titanium and hydroxyapatite as implant coatings. These metallic coatings are highly functional as synthetic bone substitutes.
  • CerAnode Technologies International, headquartered in Ohio, produces a complete line of Mixed Metal Oxide Impressed Current Anodes for a variety of applications.

APS Materials specializes in thermal spray coatings for the following industries: Biomedical, Aerospace, Semiconductor/LCD, Automotive, and Research & Development. Their well-trained engineering staff has a great deal of experience in adapting thermal spray to the resolution of problems. The work requires stringent processes and test procedures. APS is also involved in many new projects and designs that will improve the plasma spray process. Their work focuses on using sophisticated techniques to create coatings with advanced properties.