Titanium Coating

Ti Porous Coating

Because of its superior biocompatibility, porous titanium is a preferred material for biomedical applications, most notably as a dental and joint implant coating. The mechanical behavior of porous titanium allows bone tissue to grow inside the structure and thus maintain a long and stable connection between replacement implant and human bone. The quick osseointegration that titanium provides also allows for shorter recovery time and less pain for patients in need of replacement implants.

A good example of the progress titanium coatings have allowed the biomedical industry to make comes from their application as coatings for FDA approved vertebral disk replacements. Porous titanium coatings allow patients to avoid fusing vertebrae, which greatly reduces range of motion, as a way to combat back pain.

The biomedical industry has become increasingly confident in APS’ abillity as a provider of titanium coatings for all medical implants, notably PEEK spinal systems. The confidence in APS is displayed on a global level, with 7 of the 10 largest medical manufacturers in the world relying on APS for expertly produced titanium coatings.

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