Industries Served


jobshopAt APS Materials Inc., we specialize in customizing our thermal coating for customers that require unique applications. Our experienced staff will work with you to recommend a materials coating process that will best satisfy your specific need. Our specialty is coating solutions for parts that require custom applications, unique coating materials, or accommodation of size (if the substrate can fit into our 10×11 foot door, we can process it in the shop).

At APS Materials, Inc. the “Jobshop” speaks for itself. We are not only able to dimensionally restore your part, we can enhance its performance with spray coatings that increase hardness, gripping surface, thermal barrier protection and resistance to wear. Please feel free to request from our engineering staff an assessment of your needs.

Some examples of APS’ specialized thermal coatings for applications include: high temperature wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, chemical resistance, gripper coatings, thermal barriers and many more. Our engineers work with you to salvage, restore, and enhance large or specialty parts in existing operations.

APS can process nearly any solid material, processed into wire, powder or rod form, that exhibits a liquid phase at atmospheric pressure, including incongruent melting systems. Metals, ceramics, cermets, and more can be formed into coatings or structural shapes. If we do not carry the coating material that you request, we will order it for you!

Some Success Stories

  • 400 series stainless steel on paper rotor drums
  • High purity zinc coatings on sputtering targets used for architectural glass industry
  • Spinel coatings applied to molten aluminum probes
  • Chrome oxide ceramic used on high output piston rod for epoxy industry
  • Zirconia (YSZ) Ceramic used as a thermal barrier for the molten glass industry

Available Processes

APS Materials Inc. is an industry leader in designing coating applications, primarily due to our extensive equipment/processing options. No one company in the Thermal Spray industry can offer more process options:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS)
  • Mach II APS
  • Hyper-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
  • Low Pressure Plasma Spray (LPPS)
  • Inert Chamber Plasma Spray Electric Arc Spray (Two Wire Arc)
  • Combustion Flame Spray (Oxygen & Acetyline)

Equipment List

  • Inert chamber, manually articulated, manually controlled 40kW plasma system
  • Atmospheric, manually articulated, manually controlled 160kW Mach 2 Plasma system
  • Atmospheric, manually articulated, manually controlled 40kW plasma system
  • Atmospheric, manually controlled 40kW plasma system with a semiautomatic articulation capability for up to a 12’ long X 12” diameter shaft
  • Grit blasting booths
  • Atmospheric, six axis robotically articulated, manually controlled 40kW plasma spray systems