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Industries Served Semiconductor/LCD DPS Chambers & Liners


Full Refurbishment for Metal & Poly Etch DPS Upper Chambers 200mm/300mm: 0021-01421, 0040-02544, 0040-52662, 0020-33806, 0021-09601, and 0020-33802 originally provided with the A-Coat. APS Materials engineered several proprietary coatings starting in 1994, used by OEMs and Second-Source suppliers to protect de-coupled plasma source (DPS) process chambers in severe etch environments.  Anodizing alone will not protect your chamber for very long, but adding one of our available Metal-Etch and Poly-Etch coatings will increase the chamber life by 10 times, and in some cases, up to 30 times longer than anodize alone.  Full refurbishment is available, as well as a core-exchange for 3-day lead times. The full refurbishment process includes:

  • Stripping the existing coating layer by grit blasting and texturizing the process area for anodize & coating
  • Machine the substrate to remove pitting and most defects
  • Full re-anodization following OEM specifications
  • Conductive surfaces are improved by applying a new nickel layer per MIL standards
  • Etch coating is thermal-sprayed by Plasma technology
  • Experienced technicians polishing the coating surface to reduce roughness for easier in-situ cleaning
  • All chambers are sealed with the OEM-specified proprietary formula to further prevent corrosion & erosion by the process gases
  • Chamber bodies are then ultrasonically cleaned & baked in a nitrogen-purged oven and packaged for shipment inside of our calibrated & certified cleanroom
  • Ready to be installed by the end user for immediate use.

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