CerAnode Is A Division Of APS Materials, Inc. And Is Equipped With A Helpful, Informative Website.

Manufacturer Of Impressed Current Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anodes For Cathodic Protection

Located in Dayton, Ohio USA, CerAnode Technologies International manufactures a full line of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Impressed Current Anodes for most every application within the Cathodic Protection (CP) Industry along with Transformer Rectifiers (TR’s) featuring Integrated Remote Monitoring & Control from the Remote Test Post to the SCADA Control Room Console. In addition, CerAnode manufactures Reference Electrodes, Coupon Reference Probes and other corrosion sensor technology. These products are used to measure and mitigate the corrosion of pipelines, AST bottoms, ships, locks and most any other underground or underwater metal structure.

Aboveground Storage Tank Bottom Anode Systems Using CerAnode Mmo

The CerAnode PiggyBack™ Tank (PBT) Bottom Anode System with installations worldwide provides optimized cathodic protection for New Tanks, Existing Tank Bottom Replacement or Double Bottom Applications where space is limited due to a close-proximity plastic secondarycontainment liner. The PiggyBack Anode System consists of a series of concentric loops with optimized current distribution and redundancy that is unique. It is the ideal CP solution with a long anode life and easy installation. With 100% factory design, 100% factory assembly and 100% factory connections, it arrives ready to lay in place. No field connections are necessary.

CerAnode Power Rod Tubular Anodes For Deep Anode Bed Systems & Jetties

CerAnode Tubular Anodes are specifically designed for Deep Anode Beds including the rigorous demands of Open Hole applications. They are also an excellent choice for shallow beds, horizontal beds, marine onshore, offshore, jetties and many other CP applications. These anodes are distinctive with their unique arc-plasma sprayed surface architecture enhancement making them the most abrasion resistant MMO Anode available. Developed by CerAnode in the mid 80’s the technology has been validated by the test of time. By means of a very special cable-to-anode connection, CerAnode has uniquely combined the features of this highly reliable anode with cable choices including Fluoropolymer Dual Extruded cables such as Halar® (ECTFE) and Kynar® PVDF.

Piggyback™ Pipeline Anode Technology €- The Optimized Continuous Anode

Technology associated with the Cathodic Protection of underground pipelines has undergone fundamental innovations with the introduction of the CerAnode PiggyBack Pipeline Anode System. Unprecedented optimization is now possible based on close to ideal current distribution. The CerAnode Continuous Anode System, utilizing the PiggyBack Pipeline MMO Anode System is closely related to the CerAnode PiggyBack Tank Bottom Anode which has been in operation by major oil companies since 1992 with earlier versions in 1990. These systems operate in close proximity to the cathode providing optimized current distribution, low groundbed resistance and better than ever power efficiencies. Components of these systems have been used by CerAnode since the mid 1980’s.

Customized Mmo Bulkhead & Pile Anodes For Most Any Coast Line Application

Marine and Fresh Water impressed current anodes can be tailored to suit most applications such as Intake Structures, Piles, Bulkheads, Jetties, and Lock & Dam Gates. These and other applications can usually be satisfied with CerAnode standard or custom designs. Both light duty and heavy duty anodes can be designed by our engineering staff and fabricated by our manufacturing facilities to meet the exact requirement. Anodes like the ones pictures are were designed specifically for the recently commissioned Jubail United Petrochemical Company in Saudi Arabia and the Canaveral Lock in Florida USA commissioned in 1987. These styles feature the unique E-MMO (Enhanced- Mixed Metal Oxide) an Abrasion Resistant Anode developed by CerAnode in the mid 80’s.

Rectifier, Solar Power And Integrated Remote Monitoring & Control + Scada

CerAnode has developed an integrated CP Control System that is second to none in scope and depth for CP Monitoring and Control. From the Sensors connected to our State-of-the-Art Remote Automatic Test Post technology, to the Remote Controlled Transformer Rectifier and onward to the Master Control Station, all links are covered under the supervisory control of a very powerful SCADA. Data collected from Corrosion Sensors, Reference Electrodes, Coupons, etc. are interfaced via special signal conditioners and relayed to the Master Station via a unique cost effective and efficient data transmission technology. It is fully scaleable to incorporate most other oil field supervisory requirements.

CerAnode Is A Division Of APS Materials, A High Tech Arc Plasma Spray Company

CerAnode Technologies is a division of APS Materials, Inc. (APS), a high-tech arc plasma spray coatings company. The present owners and operators of APS, originally part of Monsanto Corporation, incorporated APS as a private company in 1975. During our history, first as part of Monsanto Corporation and now as APS, we have applied over 2000 different material systems using thermal spray processes. In 1984, by virtue of an exclusive technology transfer from the US Army Corps Construction Engineering Research Laboratory requiring the APS processes, the CerAnode Technologies Division was formed. Its charter has been to further research and manufacture what is now the CerAnode version of MMO impressed current anodes. Today, CerAnode is recognized world wide as a manufacturer of a complete line of state-of-the-art, high quality, MMO anodes and cathodic protection related products.