APS’ engineering staff offers more experience in adapting thermal spray coating solutions to the resolution of problems than perhaps any other institution in the community. APS has coated aerospace materials for General Electric’s Aircraft Engine Group (AEG) and medical implants for 7 of the top 10 medical manufacturers worldwide.

In most cases, applying APS’ thermal spray coating to equipment processed in high-wear or corrosive environments costs just a fraction of what replacing the equipment due to excessive corrosion would cost. Equipment treated or rebuilt by APS processes exhibits longer life through improved corrosion resistance and better wear properties. Your search for an alternative to costly replacements can be completed as we take your materials coating project from concept to completion.

APS’ cooperative approach to innovative engineering sets us apart from our competitors. We provide consultation and education in order to help define the needs of an industry and to select applications to best fill those needs. The engineering staff at APS educates the client’s technical staff as they research, develop, and specify the materials and thermal spray coatings. Confidentiality is maintained as our staff works closely with the client.

APS is an international business with large and small clients alike. More than likely, we have the capabilities to provide a thermal coating solution for your business.

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