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CerAnode Technologies


ACL-CS Linear Grounding System

A mitigation system to combat the corrosive effects of alternating current (AC) on pipelines.


  • Performs better than bare copper.
  • 19 strand copper for better flexibility.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor to protect copper.
  • Low resistance electrical connection to earth.
  • Ready to install.
  • Easy to splice.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA by CerAnode Technologies International.
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Cathodic Protection MMO Anode Wire (CPW)

CerAnode’s anode wire consists of an ultra thin layer of iridium + tantalum + titanium, mixed metal oxide, deposited onto either solid titanium core (STI version), a copper cored titanium interface (CTC version) or a copper cored niobium-titanium interface (CNC version). Available in nominal standard diameter sizes of 1/16” (1.5mm) OR 1/8” (3mm).

CerAnode CP anode wire is most often supplied in anode assembly configurations such as CerAnode’s Internal Potable Water Anodes, CerAnode’s Tank Anode for Water Storage Tanks, CerAnode’s Tank Bottom Anodes, CerAnode Linear Anodes, as well as for lock gates, intake screens, etc.

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CPR-E Tubular End Connect Anode Singles

The Econo-Tubular-Anode is a high quality but economical tubular anode ideal for applications where a single – one anode per cable – is preferred. It is designed for the demands of deep anode beds, shallow beds and the earth’s natural waters. The specially designed end connection allows for quick custom cable lengths. Light weight construction provides ease of handling and economy of shipping.

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Double Coupon Housing

Double coupon housing with copper or zinc reference electrode. Protective housing provides a contaminant-free environment for the Reference Electrode.

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EMMO Single Tubular Anode and Strings Anodes

For Use in Deep, Shallow & Horizontal Anode Beds and Earth’s Natural Waters and other CP applications.

CerAnode Power Rod (CPR) tubular anodes are specially designed for deep anode beds including the rigorous demands of open hole applications. They are manufactured using a unique Arc Plasma Spray processing technology developed which has resulted in a state-of-the-art precious metal oxide anode with a 20-year proven track record. CerAnode’s CONNECTION is moisture proof and corrosion resistant with an ULTRA LOW electrical connection resistance.

SINGLE CENTER-CONNECT, END-CONNECT AND STRING CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE. Also consider using CerAnode’s Ventrolizers sold separately for centralizing your tubular anodes. It protects the anode coating from being damaged and is not only engineered for optimal anode performance but is also very economical to purchase.

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Explosion Proof Junction Box
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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic NEMA 4X Junction Box
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Internal Water Tank Potable Anode

Made of CerAnode’s 3mm diameter high strength solid CP 1 Titanium MMO anode wire at specified lengths, connected to cable length specified and dielectric end weight. The cable to anode connection is performed using a 200-ton circumferential swage resulting in an ultra-low connection resistance and a tensile strength much greater than the cable. It is isolated with CerAnode MultiSeal™ (multiple layers of dielectric material). The anode assemblies arrive on site in a coil ready to uncoil and lower into the tank.

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The Life-Saver-Anode™

CerAnode Life-Saver-Anode (LSA) is a low profile MMO disk anode molded into a 12” dielectric shield for mounting directly on the cathode surface by means of integral one inch FRP threaded mounting studs. The anode is totally isolated electrically from the structure to which it is mounted.

It is designed to “Save the Life” of heat exchangers, water boxes, pipes, valves, pumps, dam gates, lock gates, etc.

Two Versions Available:

Underwater Low Resistant connector – purchased separately, allows for diver replacement if retrofitting is ever required. or Terminal lug version – ideal where there is no water at the connection end of the anode.

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Mixed Metal Oxide Anode Rod

CerAnode-Rod-Assemblies (CRA) are high quality mixed metal oxide anodes manufactured with special factory connections. They are extremely rugged and powerful making them an ideal choice for a variety of cathodic protection applications.

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MMO Canister Anodes

The same CerAnode high quality MMO impressed current anode with a <100 micro ohm connection resistance PREPACKAGE in calcined petroleum carbon backfill, ready to be put in place. Canister anodes can be used for various applications such as underground and aboveground storage tanks and along pipelines.

Standard steel can size “1.5×40”, “3×60” & “4×60” – other sizes available.

Prepackaged Sock Version also available.

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MMO High Current Robust Process Anode (RPA)

CerAnode’s RUGGEDODE™ anode is TOUGH.

Used for heat exchanger, water boxes, pipes, valves, pumps and other in-process applications and features an arc-plasma sprayed dielectric interface between the anode rod and process fitting resulting in greater mechanical strength, dielectric strength and seal integrity.

It is made of a titanium substrate (a strong light weight aerospace metal) and activated with an inert conductive ceramic coating. It is then molded to a plated steel process fitting in conjunction with a plasma sprayed dielectric-ceramic epoxy-FRP interface resulting in high mechanical strength, an excellent process seal and a very high insulation resistance. The anode maintains dimensional stability over its design life.

Designed to fit standard off-the-shelf LB or GALB junction box for rigid conduit or cable glands. Available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

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PiggyBack™ MMO Linear Anode Technology

CerAnode™ developed MMO linear anode technology and assigned the trademark PiggyBack™ in 1992. The technology is used around the world for applications including tank bottoms, underground vessels, bullet tanks and pipelines. The first PiggyBack™ installation was in 1993. Since that time continuous close-proximity anode-to-cathode applications have become a common design approach. In many applications this technology has significant advantages compared to traditional discrete anode arrangements. The technology provides optimized current distribution, optimized polarization characteristics, optimized groundbed resistance, optimized interference mitigation and better than ever power efficiencies.

Depending on the application the linear anode can be ordered with or without Coke Sock.

The sock material employed is GREEN in that it is environmentally safe. The anode’s sock decomposes leaving a conductive horizontal column at the position where it was buried allowing protection currents to pass freely to the structure. The MMO anode core is firmly positioned to protect the structure for many decades.

Since CerAnode manufactures the key components of the system, the product specification can easily be customized. Parameters such as design life, current rating, wire diameter, cable size and insulation type can be specified and manufactured quickly.

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PiggyBack™ Tank Bottom Anode

The CerAnode MMO PiggyBack TM Tank Bottom (PBT) Anode System is the best choice for Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Bottom Soil Side CP. It provides optimized cathodic protection for New Tanks, Existing Tank Bottom Replacement or Double Bottom Applications where space is limited due to a close-proximity plastic secondary-containment liner. The system consists of CerAnode’s MMO anode wire connected to the header cable at preset intervals around the loop by a custom factory design of a series of individual concentric loops with optimized current distribution, anode life and ease of installation is the ideal CP solution. With 100% factory design, factory assembly and factory connections it arrives ready to lay in place. No field connections are necessary.

Plastic mesh option available for applications where the anode will be installed within inches of the tank bottom for added protection against possible anode wire to tank bottom shorts.

Each system is custom designed for the application! 50-Year Design Life.

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PiggyBack™ Tank Anode Rectifier

Although this rectifier can be used for many CP applications, we have specifically designed it with our PiggyBack Tank Bottom Anode System in mind. This unit can be customized if required.

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Special Anode Centralizer for MMO Tubular Anodes

This universal MMO centralizer design is simple but very effective. It is ideal for all types of MMO anodes. If improper centralizer technology is used with MMO anodes the anode life can be compromised. This centralizer is equipped with rubber bumpers to assure that the MMO anode’s advertised life is not compromised. This Centralizer is also a Ventrolizer. It optimally orients the anode in the hole and optimally orients the anode in relation to the vent pipe using strong tie wraps supplied with unit.

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Strip Anodes

CerAnode Strip Anodes for internal pipe, valve and locks & dams.

CerAnode EMMO Strip Anodes are surface mount anodes used for internal pipe & internal valve protection, locks, dams, etc. as well as bulkheads, piers, piles, and power plant water intakes. They are constructed to provide exceptional impact resistance, mechanical strength, chemical resistance & electrochemical durability. The basic design of this anode allows for easy modification to meet the demands of varied applications requiring a difference current rating, mounting technique or cable attachment.

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Triple Coupon Housing

Triple coupon housing with copper or zinc reference electrode. Protective housing provides a contaminant-free environment for the Reference Electrode.

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Underwater Connector Anode Disks & Strips and Reference Electrodes

The CerAnode Underwater Connector (pictured below with a Strip Anode) makes installation easy and connection integrity foolproof. It features <100 micro-ohm electrical resistance and a high pressure environmental seal. Our Disk Anode, Strip Anode and special Reference Electrode feature these dielectric mounting studs eliminating any additional dielectrics or spacers. O-Ring and Compression seal technology is used to assure foolproof environmental isolation. The underwater connection allows for diver replacement if retrofitting is ever required.

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