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SINCE 1975

Polymer Coatings

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer coatings have low friction characteristics and inherent water-shedding hydrophobic nature provide a slippery surface for biomedical devices used in surgery, cleanroom-class semiconductor wafer handling tools, and adds a corrosion protection factor in harsh environments.


The method for coating begins with the two-part mix of solvent and raw material to the correct viscosity.  For conductive coatings, silver, copper, carbon, nickel or other conductive metals are added to achieve a resistance in the range of 0-20 Ohms as required.  The material is then applied in atmospheric spray conditions by an automatic industrial spray applicator.  The first coating layer is then flash-cured at a low temperature to evaporate out the solvent.  Subsequent layers are then applied and flash-cured as needed to build up the thickness.  A final high-temperature cure around 650°F links the polymer chains to form the final surface, suitable for cleaning and sanitizing. The in-house refurbishment of previously coated parts add a degree of service often not available in other coating shops.

The Best There Is

The high temperature continuous use range of up to almost 260°C and resistance in oxidizing environments are improved further by adding fillers such as glass reinforcement fibers, carbon fibers, graphite, and metals. After curing, the cured coating remains flexible and does not outgas over time. When used on harmonic scalpels or vacuum wands to grip semiconductor wafers, APS Materials PTFE coatings are durable, inexpensive, and with our refurbishment service, the parts won’t simply go to waste after a one-time use, sustaining the product’s life cycle. There are over 500 variations of PTFE, PFA, and other polymer coatings. APS Materials will work with you to determine which grade is best-suited for your project.

The Best There Is

Equipment treated or rebuilt by APS lasts longer, thanks to improved corrosion and wear resistance. Our engineering staff offers over forty years of experience adapting thermal spray coating solutions. In most cases, applying APS’ thermal spray coating to equipment processed in high-wear or corrosive environments costs a fraction of replacement. APS possesses the experience to take your material coating project from concept to completion, saving you money and time.

A Trusted Leader

Founded in 1975, APS Materials, Inc. has been around longer than most other shops. That experience shows in the thousands of solutions we have developed for clients. From aerospace and automotive to biomedical and semiconductor, APS works with businesses in many different industries. Whether your company needs metallic, ceramic, or CerAnode coatings, our high-caliber team can develop the right solution. Get in touch today to discover what APS can do for you.



APS restores worn parts and provides lasting protection that keeps equipment working. From Thermal sprays to Ceramic, Metallic, and CerAnode Coatings, APS has a solution. Get in touch today to see how APS can transform your business.