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Semiconductor coating

Semiconductor wafer processing requires a tightly-controlled environment often involving harsh, corrosive chemical gases. APS Materials has co-operated with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers of semiconductor equipment since 1994 to develop not only the protective coatings, but also the process flow to keeps the parts and coatings contaminant-free.

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APS Materials Capabilities The end-user knows best what is required for the coated part to perform correctly. APS works with the customer to develop an individualized process flow for repeatable quality. • Incoming inspection of customer-critical features, up to 250x magnification • Segregation of conductive (copper) and non-conductive contaminated parts • Hand-masking to protect difficult features • Hard-masking to reduce setup times & lower costs • Refurbish used parts by grit-blasting to remove old coatings and contamination • Texturize new parts by pure AlOx grit media, silicon carbide, or glass bead • Plasma, twin-wire arc, HVOF, Flame Spray, and Vacuum robotic coating systems • Temperature monitoring & Eddy Current thickness verification during in-process • Laboratory Testing (will be link to new Lab Testing page) on-site for Tensile Adhesion, Morphology Image Analysis • Ultrasonic Cleaning, De-Ionized rinse, Oven Bake-out, and Inert Backfilled/Vacuum Packaging • Quality Assurance Certificate of Conformance with lab results APS Materials Coatings Thermal Spray coating materials can be applied from raw material forms of Powder, Wire, or Rod. Almost any material can be sprayed in pure molecular form or with a small percentage of binding agent. • Aluminum Oxide, 99.9% minimum purity • Yttrium Oxide, 99.95% minimum purity • Zirconium Oxide • Alumina/Titania • Magnesium Oxide (Spinel) • Silicon/Silicon Carbide matrix • Boron Carbide • Copper • Titanium • Tungsten • Di-electric coatings typically up to 400V/mil • Complex Carbides, Metals, and Oxides • Thermal Barrier Coatings APS Materials Facilities Over 40,000 square feet of production space at our US Headquarters enables us to offer expedited, repeatable performance characteristics with complete contamination control. • 100% robotic coating application • Hand-spray operations for complex geometry & features • On-site Metallographic Laboratory • Dedicated acoustic spray enclosures • HEPA filtered makeup air, climate controlled • Isolated dust collectors • Class 10,000 clean room final inspection & packaging • ISO certified